About Karima Rossouw

I was born on the 9th of April 1970 in Pretoria. I am the only daughter of three children, and the very youngest. I grew up in Bethlehem in the Free-State, and matriculated at “Hoër Huishoudskool President Steyn” for girls. I then settled in Pretoria and studied Opera at Pretoria Technicon with the well-known Emmarensia Scheepers as my lecturer. In 1989 I wanted to go to Germany to expand my studies in Opera, but I met my husband, Steven. My love for him was bigger than my love for Opera. We got married on his birthday (10 March 1990).

Steven, is also a musician and had his own band in secular music. We decided to combine our music and it worked out very well. We performed for weddings and functions through the country for 12 years. We became reborn Christians In 1995, and it off course changed our whole perspective of music and what the Lord is calling on us to do, to reach out to the world and share our God given talent.

We have one miracle son (Steven junior) who was born 12 October 1999. We started his education in a Christian Bible School up to Grade 5. We decided to perform his school education ourselves at Impact Home Schooling after he was diagnosed ADD.

In 2005 we bought a small farm. The purpose was to live healthy and independent, grow our own vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, etc. Most off all, we want to develop the farm into a lodge and use the ground for Gods purpose only. We are still not sure how this miracle is going to work out eventually without any financial support, but we absolutely trust God in what, how and when.

God called me in 2008 to start a ministry. I finished my degree and am currently busy with my Master’s degree at Elkanah Bible College. My occupation is a manager at a Retirement Centre in Pretoria where I also do pastoral work for the employee’s. During week-ends I minister at a Rehab Centre in Cullinan.

Sometimes God take you out of your comfort zone, to do His will. We are put on this earth to do His will, if you’ll only let Him. Never make any decision without asking God first. You’ll be amazed how God will let your life turn out to be … A indescribable experience.!